The Second Edition of My Book is Now Available

A significant update to my book — I Know You’re Dead, But I Still Worry About You — is now available. The book is currently available in ebook format for iPad and iPhone at iBookStore, in both ebook and paperback format at Amazon, and in paperback format at Barnes & Noble.

A description of the book is provided below:

Written 13 years after the passing of his wife Vickie, this memoir and self-help book from Bruce Keener provides a long-term view of grief and how it eventually transitions from almost unbearable to an emptiness that you learn to live with to an eventual acceptance and peace.

What sets this book apart from most grief books is that it gives you a number of insights on how to deal with your grief, as well as discussions of mistakes the author made along the way, giving you insight on what to look out for. As the author notes in the introduction: “I am hoping that you can read about my experiences and say, ‘I can identify with what Keener went through, and here are some things I can do to help myself.” Or even, “Well at least I’m not as screwed up as Bruce Keener. Since he survived, I can.’”

The author also discusses his loss of faith and half of who he was, how he turned to two scientific theories (one by Einstein) to give him some “comfort” that his wife still exists (in some sense), and how he recovered bits and pieces of his faith and himself.

Not only will you benefit from this book, you will want your friends to read it, too, because it will help them understand some of what you are going through and haven’t been able to put into words.