At the end of 2006 I retired at the age of 57. While I still enjoyed my work, and found it professionally and personally rewarding, I felt it was time for something new.

After a few months of restlessness, I started a blog. In my 32 years as a business professional, I learned a lot about productivity and leadership, what counts and what doesn’t. And, even before I earned BSEE and MSEE degrees from Georgia Tech over 32 years ago, I have loved technology. So I often wrote about these things. Alas, after a few years my relationship to that blog grew cold and stale, so I scrapped it.

Then I started recording some of my guitar playing. I’ve been a fingerstyle guitar player, off and on, for about 50 years, and figured I really should put my talent to some use before it went away. I recorded a little over 100 tunes, many of them original. You can see and hear them on my Youtube channel.

Last year, I decided to write a book on the passing of my wife and the impact it had on me. You can read more about that book here. Note that I sometimes offer a promotional discount on it, but even when it’s not discounted, you can still get it at Amazon, B&N, and iBooks for only $2.99.

I’m currently tinkering with several short stories, a few of which are published on this site, and may wind up publishing them in an ebook.

Thanks for stopping by. You can follow me on Twitter via the following link: Twitter

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