dreamstime_894930-199x300As someone who has played finger-style guitar for close to 50 years, I have become a respected player and am pleased to share my techniques with others.

If you’d like to watch my videos — there are over 100 — you can do so at my YouTube channel. A huge chunk of these are my own compositions, and those that are not are generally my own arrangements of old standards. In fact, a common theme in the tutorials is how you can develop tunes and licks on your own, because I think that is a key part of being a good guitarist. The more you can invent, the better you can play the traditional stuff, too.

If you really want to get into details, though, the thing to do is to watch my tutorials. They are on my YouTube channel, but you can have much better quality by getting my original recordings (below), which are in Apple QuickTime format.

Don’t have an Apple device? No worries: if you have iTunes, the iTunes installation includes QuickTime player, so you can play the recordings on Windows as well as Apple. Or, just use one of many popular video converters to convert to a format that is directly supported by Windows Media Player. I did some tinkering with conversion and found that MPEG Streamclip, recommended by Lifehacker, does a good job, and it’s free.

The advantage of having these tutorials in original form is that it’s easy to make them larger without them becoming so fuzzy that you lose the advantage of resizing. You can magnify them to whatever size you like, and still have a video quality that you can actually learn from.

Each of the videos is several minutes long, so there is a good bit of instruction in them: over 35 minutes worth!

And, you get them all for only $3.99, payable through PayPal.
(If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal can process your payment via a credit card.)

Note that I had the videos priced at 99 cents for a while, and then I felt like I was whoring myself in selling them so cheaply. Yes, you can get almost the same thing for free by downloading the YouTube videos, but still …

The zip file containing all the videos — 5 tutorials and 2 tunes that are referenced in some of the tutorials — is pretty large, weighing in at about 1.18 GB. This means that you really need a high speed internet connection to download them. That is pretty standard these days, though, so hopefully it does not present a problem for you. A typical broadband connection will download this zip file in 10 to 20 minutes.

I recommend that you download the file onto your computer, instead of via a phone or tablet, as many of the latter do not have software for unzipping the files. Plus, the bigger screen of your computer is really more suited to the intent of these tutorials, anyway. The whole point is for you to be able to actually SEE what my fingers are doing.

To obtain the zip file, email me at and I will email back to you a link to the file of tutorials. I will also send you a PayPal invoice for $0.99. At this time I am only accepting PayPal because I don’t expect enough sales to justify the expense of alternative payment methods.

Of course you could just download the YouTube videos, all of which are shown below. But, as noted earlier, you just don’t get the same quality with YouTube that you do with the originals. Whether the difference is worth paying for is something for you to decide.

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email me.

I’ve taken care to ensure that both of my hands are visible throughout the tutorials (and even in the regular recordings), so you can see what my fingers are doing.

If you like this deal, I would appreciate it if you would click one of the buttons below — such as Facebook or Twitter — to share with your friends and followers.

Tutorial On Papa’s Knee
Monkeying Around
Tutorial on Inventing Guitar Licks
Tutorial on a Riff in The Claw
Tutorial on Inventing Tunes
Papa’s Knee (with alternate D tuning)

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